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Robert Doms
  • Vienna Robert Doms
  • Vienna Robert Doms

    Amber colour of this beer is enjoyable. Gentle flowery aroma with sugary sweet accents. A bit of bitter, fruit flavours and a lot of carbonation result in fairly balanced beer. Fresh and delicate.

    Best served with:
    pork, sausage, Emmentaler, Gruyere cheese

    Semi-dark, pasteurized beer

    Alcohol: 4.7% vol. | Extract: 11% weight
    Sub-type:  Vienna lager
    Bouquet:  flowery

    glass bottle of 500 ml – 20 pieces per packaging, 800 pieces per pallet

    alcohol content
    extract content
    bottle capacity
    pieces per packaging
Inne marki w naszej ofercie

Clear, straw and golden colour, classic light clear of bottom-fermentation. A bit of corn in the aroma, very delicately...

Light golden clear suggestion of the Lithuanian brewery in the Dortmund style of lager. hop and malty aroma...