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  • Bud
  • Bud

    Bud is not just a beer. It’s a badge. It’s a flag. It’s a statemet of freedom, ambition and authenticity. Bud is a celebration of your independence from everything, it rewards your self assuredness. It signifes your character.

    Brewed for 30 days, twice as long as most beers.
    The only brewer to age over beechwood for 21 days for a crisp, smooth finish.
    Original recipe since 1876.
    Choicest ingrediets from three generations of farmers.
    Most difficult and expensive beer to brew.

    Light, pasteurized beer

    Alcohol:  5% vol. | Extract: 11% weight
    Sub-type:  American lager 
    Bouquet:  citrus

    bottle of 355 ml – 4×6 pieces per packaging, 1296 pieces per pallet

    • 4×6 pieces per packaging

North German pils types tend to be more dry than their southern brothers - so is Beck's from Bremen. Light golden colour.

When you are tired of bitterness, and want only refreshment, this light and straw lager with white foam will be worth attention.

The representative of the interesting Belgian style, dark drown, clear, with tiny but durable foam. Stimulating combination of fruitiness...

The most popular Belgian lager offers golden and yellow colour and special clarity. Honey and malty accents can be found...