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Bellevue Extra Kriek
  • Bellevue Extra Kriek
  • Bellevue Extra Kriek

    Clear, ruby, fruit beer in the Belgian style – lambic, which is spontaneous fermentation with cherries. Belle-vue has pink foam, it is a bit acid, definitely sweet, with clear fruit profile in terms of smell and flavour. It is fairly light, and refreshes. Perfect for the beginning of a hot day.

    Best served with:
    fruit salads, desserts, cheese: Mascarpone, Feta

    Lambic Belgian beer of cherry flavour, pasteurized.

    Alcohol: 4.1% vol. | Extract: 12.9% weight
    Sub-type: lambic-kriek
    Bouquet: cherry, malty

    keg of 20l – 18 pieces per pallet


    alcohol content
    extract content
    bottle capacity
    pieces per packaging
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